Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you install fence during the winter months?

It's a question we get just about everyday during the winter months, and the answer is YES!  When it's cold out, we use specialized equipment such as jack hammers, that allows us to dig down between 4 and 8 inches to reach the soil that isn't frozen or hardened.  Once we reach the soil that isn't frozen, it's business as usual.  We also use special additives in our concrete that keeps our concrete from freezing up on us when the temperatures get below 25 degrees.  Many of our competitors close their businesses down during the winter months, but we understand that there are many people that simply can't wait another 3 months before getting their fence installed which is why we stay open year round.  One benefit of installing a fence during the winter months is that we can get out and install your fence sooner because we aren't as busy - and you'll still get the same quality materials and craftsmanship that has made Imperial Fence the trusted fence builder in Central Indiana for over 31 years!  

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